Rachel Collier // Artist Statement

I use the physical lexicon of mark-making and the invented math of composition to capture the excitement of an aesthetic climax or a snapshot of chaos. Representation is largely discarded, except to hold in place exploding elements, glitchy screen grabs, distorted forms, or a sudden unraveling of visual logic, like pressing a map to the dashboard to keep it from blowing out the window. My map is psychogeographical, inward, blurry, and disorienting, but I also find strength and calm in my process and trust in my destination, which can arrive suddenly, a surprise!

I’ve always been interested in making paintings without limiting myself to paint. Instead, I look for ways to interact with everyday materials in a painterly way. My recent work removes domestic functionality from conventional craft materials like yarn and fabric. I find satisfaction in sidestepping the functionality of crafted objects, using one traditional means(i.e crocheting, Fimo, marbling) to produce another traditional end(abstract painting, abstract sculpture). By resisting typical forms these materials might take, I hope to mirror the abstract painting tradition of shirking representation. Liberating both usefulness and likeness from painting invites a sense of joy and newness that I find spiritual and cathartic. The art is released from the materiality that seeks to confine it.




BFA / School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Selected Exhibitions 


Future Future, Hair and Nails Gallery, Mpls, MN




Almost Paradise, Ditch / Grey Ghost, Mpls, MN

Taped Over, Riverland College: James Wagner Gallery, Austin MN

Relief: Three Fresh Approaches to Building Surface, Hair and Nails Gallery, Mpls, MN





Fine Arts Exhibition, MN State Fair, St Paul, MN

Mutual Fans, Coming Soon Art Space, Mpls, MN

Our Mothers and Daughters, Albert Lea Art Center, Albert Lea, MN

Revolution Now, Gamut Gallery, Mpls, MN


Wavefunction, Haus Salon, Mpls, MN


Mural Party, Green House Gallery, Austin, TX


Catastrophe!, Art People, Arcata, CA


I Protest, Hallspace, Boston, MA


Oppidan, Black Walnut Gallery, Chicago, IL


SAIC BFA Thesis Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

Selected Teaching / Creative  Professional Experience

2016 +

2012 +

Freelance Content Creator, Mpls, MN

Lead Videographer, Ponytails Collective, Mpls, MN


Introduction to Marbling Course, MCAD, Mpls, MN


Interactive Design Digital Analyst, Carmichael Lynch, Mpls, MN


Story Producer / Casting Producer, Shed Media Group / Animal Planet, LA, CA

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